Specialist Producer of High Quality Iranian Pistachios



At Green Diamond Tree, quality and quantity go hand in hand. Our facilities are capable of storing up to 10,000 tons of pistachios.

Our cold storage facilities can store up to 1200 tons of finished goods in ideal environmental conditions. To maintain optimal shelf life and freshness, all finished products is stored at a constant temperature of below 10’C and 40% relative humidity until time of shipment.

Pistachios are subject to insect damage and routine safeguards must be maintained. We do the best natural safeguard by storing our pistachios properly in cool and dry place away from all heat sources; also avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

We have regular inspection and insect control and always ready to transfers the pistachios to cold storage whenever is necessary.
Our pistachio never be stored in the same room with pungent commodities to prevent odors coming to the nuts.